Kiwi apartment profiling, sales, rentals and more...

We are working on an all new HighProfiles apartment search experience.
And as always, these things take longer than expected...
but it needs to be right. Right?

  • the new HP site will have enhanced functionality
  • mobile phone and tablet friendly
  • over 35 more buildings included for the central city and more to come
  • all floorplans re-engineered
But don't worry, we're still here! To access the old site and floorplans, click  HERE

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An all new
will be relaunching 2017
to any device you choose.

Update: Yes we are still working hard on the new improved version of HighProfiles.
We are working towards our stage 1 release and still aiming to re-launch the site 2017.

Thanks for your support and patience.